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But before, here’s where we let off last time:

And at that very moment as well, Jeremie knew she had found a friend…someone whom she could trust…someone who would understand her…she was certain of that now…
And so that night Jeremie did something she had never thought she’d find strength to do.She recounted her past to Jonathan…

Sometime in the past 

Jeremie had been no ordinary girl. Haleyview was a small countryside town and everyone there could attest to that fact. She was unique and that was even an understatement. For one, she was so much on fire for God. Jeremie was never one to compromise her Christian principles and though many thought she was too prim and proper, they secretly admired her and how she carried herself about.

 Her parents were especially proud of their only daughter. I mean who wouldn’t be? She was beautiful, very intelligent, had a solid Christian upbringing; just name it and that was Jeremie. She was in fact the perfect epitome of a well brought up Christian girl. Mothers could be heard telling their daughters, ‘Be like Jeremie. There’s a lot to learn from her.’
 And fathers were not left out as they also whispered to their sons, ‘Bring home a girl like Jeremie. Her worth is priceless.’ All in all Jeremie was just perfect.

It would therefore come as no surprise that every young lad in Haleyview wanted to be the one Jeremie finally called her beloved. Alas, Jeremie had her mind set on other things and she definitely considered dating trivial. To her there were far more important things like God, her education, her career in the long run, making enough money to make sure she lived a comfortable life, all which came before dating even crossed her mind.

Yes, she had her priorities right. And so much as anyone tried, not a single mister could get Jeremie to bat an eye in his direction.
Everyone wondered what at all she wanted in the one, but she wasn’t one to be perturbed by the absence of a beloved. Besides she felt she was too young and needed to develop herself more; she wanted to be a blessing to the man she finally married, which in itself wasn’t bad. Plus, most of her male friends weren’t exactly the kind of guy she wanted to go out with. They didn’t quite cut it for her.

She knew what she wanted and was going in for it. Jeremie of course knew how much every guy in Haleyview wanted to be with her, but well she wasn’t one to let that get to her head and so she continued being who the sweet, lovely person she was and let time take it’s course.
With time, everyone interested in Jeremie stopped trying to get her attention, as it had become increasingly clear that Jeremie wasn’t up for any dating games. However, they all secretly envied the one to finally end up with her.

The Denvers were a very wealthy family in Haleyview, Mr and Mrs Denver and their two sons. Phillip was the exact replica of Jeremie in terms of character. The only difference was, he kept mostly to himself and was an introvert but was a very interesting person upon interaction. And unlike Jeremie and his brother, he wasn’t as well-known in Haleyview. He was the last of two boys and had always been in the shadow of his elder brother, Stephen, who was two years older. His brother was perfect. He always got straight A’s, was good at whatever sport he tried, was totally a classic Adonis, could play most musical instruments and was just too good at any and everything.

He was currently in in school fulfilling his parent’s dream of being a medical doctor.
Phillip was however just the opposite of his brother. He wasn’t too good looking, was an average student and the only thing he was really good at was his guitar and that ended it. He wanted to go into music after high school but his parents would hear none of it.  Why could he just not be like his brother? They never ceased to shove it down his throat.
Phillip had therefore grown so quiet, kept to himself and had gradually become a recluse. His brother, unlike his parents really wanted the best for him and didn’t quite like the way his parents compared the two of them.

It had ruined any form relationship the two might have developed growing up and try as Phillip could, he could not get his brother to develop any such bond. Stephen had given up trying and only hoped Phillip would one day come to realise how much he loved him.
And so just like Jeremie, Steve was also Haleyview’s favourite son, though Jamie was easily the more liked of the two. It would therefore come as no surprise that naturally everyone expected Jeremie and Stephen to end up together though no one voiced it out loud. Every lad in town knew this but one couldn’t blame a brother for trying.

Jeremie liked Stephen but to an extent and at a distance as well. Yes, he was all that any girl would want in a man but not her, there was just something she couldn’t place her fingers on and until she felt right in her spirit about him, she wasn’t giving him a chance.
The boys’ mum as well as their dad, would not be left out in echoing to their sons, mostly Stephen, about how much Jeremie would make him a good wife. Phillip wasn’t interested anyway so it worked out perfectly for his brother and parents. As at that time Stephen had been twenty and Jeremie had been seventeen, making Phillip eighteen.

And so with the unofficial blessing of his parents he begun pursuing Jeremie. They became friends and anytime he was back on vacation from medical school he made time to be with her. They began to spend so much time together and with time Jeremie discovered why she had always had a gut feeling that if the opportunity ever presented itself, she wouldn’t date Steve. At least for now she was certain about that.
Stephen was the perfect gentleman but it was his indifference towards a lot of things she believed to be uncharacteristic of someone who claimed to know the Lord. He was exceedingly liberal with his Christian values and that didn’t quite sit well with her. With time he had asked her out but she had rejected his proposal and had being very honest about her reason.

She had been certain she had made the right decision because for a particular reason she kept on being reminded about this verse, the one that spoke about everything being permissible and yet not beneficial. Just like God always spoke to her in such a manner, she had not taken this lightly and she had made her decision.
Steve had surprisingly being very understanding with her decision. He had always felt she was too good for him and with her decision he felt relieved even. He however made up his mind to still be her friend and the two had the perfect friendship. It was as if they had been destined to be friends.

He cared for her like his younger sister and she respected him like she would, her brother.
With time he brought her home and introduced her to his family and my, weren’t his parents delighted. Not wanting his parents to harbour any funny ideas, he told them the relationship between him and Jeremie was completely platonic and nothing more. However, after he explained to them the nature of his relationship with Jeremie, they were quite disappointed but were understanding, although they secretly hoped circumstances would change.

And it was exactly the same story with her parents.
The Denvers became very good friends with her family and with time, Phillip and Jeremie begun to spend more time together. Stephen was mostly away at school and the two only spent time together when he was back home on vacation. Since she had now become close to the family she had inevitably being drawn to Phillip.

Although the two were not too compatible, Jeremie had discovered a side to Phillip no one had. Unlike the introvert and unhappy person he always presented, he actually was a very interesting individual. His parents’ indifference and lack of motivation for what he believed in, had driven him to be that way.
Jeremie’s presence had changed all that and he gradually found himself again. He begun to take his music lessons again and my, he was amazing at his guitar. Unbeknownst to him, he had an amazing voice which he hadn’t cared to develop since he hadn’t even known he could sing like an angel, as his parents had quenched his passion as he was growing up.

His singing coupled with his dexterity with the guitar, was always a mind blowing performance if you ever had the chance to witness him perform.
Stephen was so pleased with this change in his brother and even more so because the constant presence of Jeremie had caused him to develop a better relationship with his brother, and with time, the three had inevitably became very good friends. Steve actively encouraged the relationship between the two and he secretly hoped the two ended up together as he believed Jeremie was good for his brother.
Phillips’ walk with God was a different story altogether.

He had a real relationship with God. He didn’t need to say it, but he had a certain aura, a certain presence around him, and it was just palpable every moment spent with Phillip. It was no secret Jeremie had being a catalyst in this change in Phillip.
As fate would have it, the two fell in love and this time, Jeremie knew he was who she’d always prayed for. The day he asked her out he had said something that had stuck with her.
‘Jeremie, I carry you in my spirit in each day.’
He paused and stared deeply into her eyes.
‘I pray for you more than I pray for myself and with every thought of you that crosses my mind, comes an overwhelming sense of peace.’

And Jeremie had been surprised. She knew this was bound to happen but as it was happening, she was so unprepared, but was anyone ever prepared for this moment?
She shivered involuntarily.
‘Jeremie, you don’t complete me. God already took care of that for us both, but I understand that my completion in God makes our being complements to each other a blessing. I won’t promise perfection because I’m human and have my flaws but I can say one thing, that the love God has placed in my heart for you is enough to see us through whatever lies ahead. Jeremie…’
And with that he asked her to be his beloved.

Jeremie could not even find the words to respond but then in that moment, something dropped in her spirit, just like always, when she needed to make a crucial decision.
‘Jeremie, I have set before you today, life…death…choose life…choose life…’
She knew she was making the right decision when she accepted Phillip to be her beloved.
She had chosen life and the conviction had been so strong.

Though the two had been young, they both knew this was right. There was so much peace about what the two shared and it was very obvious. Theirs was enviable and everyone could attest. Probably, the sole fact that their relationship had its foundation set on God was reason enough. Jeremie and Phillip built a solid relationship and with time theirs grew to be a beautiful one.

As was their custom most Friday nights, Jeremie stopped by Phillips’ house so the two could hang out with their friends. That evening Phillip had been home alone and when Jeremie walked in, she had found him watching soccer on the television eating a bowl of popcorn. She decided to join him as they had some time to spare before the usual hangout.
As the game got intense, resulting from Phillips’ team leading by two goals to nothing, Phillip had mercilessly teased her. She was near tears and the look on her face was priceless. Phillip couldn’t help but laugh some more and very uncontrollably at that.

When he however realised she wasn’t taking it so well, he quickly composed himself and hugged her, apologising for his outburst whilst explaining himself.
He pushed her away from his embrace and held her face in his palms, as he stared into her eyes. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. His breathing became shallow and quick and so did hers. He looked into her eyes and slowly their lips drew closer.

Jeremie heard it so audibly but she found herself for the first time resisting the will to do the right thing.
‘Daughter…this is permissible…not beneficial…’
Jeremie found herself giving in to her own desires. Try as she could she didn’t stop Phillip from kissing her though she realised a moment before he did, he hesitated.

The kiss got intense and that was when Phillips reminder set on his phone for the hang out rang. It startled the two but Phillip just silenced the phone and the session continued.
‘Son…flee…choose life…choose…’
The promptings died out and the two never made it to the Friday night hangout….

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