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I dedicate this piece to Afia Lovena who encouraged me to write it! ๐Ÿ˜Š(I only hope I didn’t disappoint ๐Ÿ˜‚)…I particularly enjoyed writing this piece and I know it goes without saying but do enjoy readingย  it and don’t forget to let me hear your thoughts after yeah ?๐Ÿ˜‰

The greatest US president ever, Abe Lincoln was not the most handsome fellow and aesthetically pleasing man anyone ever saw.(Seriously guys, he’s been called a gorilla before!)

ย He came from humble beginnings and used to read by the midnight lamp after being out in the woods working all day! It’s through his midnight studies that he taught himself law and became a lawyer and after trying a myriad of times, quite unsuccessfully I might add, to be a president he finally succeeded.

ย On his last try to be the president, there was a man called Edwin M. Stanton who walked around the entire country saying all these horrible stuff about Lincoln. How he was not properly educated and how a man that ugly and lanky should not be voted to rule such a glorious nation as the US
ย Reading this story a while back, I was struck by a new thought and it was that every time you rise up to build, there will be people who rise up to destroy but that is not the greatest thing the story taught me, it was this:

You see when the elections were over, Lincoln became president and he had to choose promptly, a secretary of war and guess who he chose, Stanton!
I was like, “whaaaaaaaat!?” Quite absurd isn’t it??… Isn’t it?ย  Well Lincoln’s advisors thought so too and they admonished him fervently. They were like “Oga Lincoln, you craze?… Huh?… kaaaman rescind the decision no worhorworhor!” But good old honest Abe said, “no”

ย “why? ” they quizzed and looking at them with that soul- piercing gait he was famous for, he said, “because he is the best candidate for the job! “
Mine! What a guy! Is he even a man?
He was able to forgo all acrimony and hate response he might have been enticed to exhibit towards Stanton and it is no wonder that a few weeks later, when Abe Lincoln was assassinated, the greatest eulogy was uttered by Stanton himself when he said, “Now he belongs to the ages!”

Would he have said that if Lincoln had hated on him when he had the chance to?
You see as the world turns, we’ll all be presented with an opportunity to repay our adversaries and most often we will be

tempted to pay our foes in kind. A tit for a tat and an eye for an eye and all that but that ain’t what the good book advises.

I remember being at a revival a while back and the preacher was like , “kill your enemies!ย  Shomebody are you hearing meeee!!!… I shay kiiiiiiiill them! ” and I watched as church member upon church member clapped so vigorously and chant prayers I was so certain the devil Was bound to go like “kw33r! I’m bad but not bad like that ooo! ๐Ÿ˜Œ”

Me de3..i figured out shometing new that instance naaa as those wonderful words written in Romans danced in front of my mind’s eye, “…therefore if thine enemy hungers, feed him: if he is thirsty, give him drink…”

Fam, if we all purposed in our hearts to be adversarial to those who persecuted us, then I’m afraid we will lose at all but at perpetuating the cycle of hate and malice.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the great American civil rights activist once recounted a story about how he and his brother were driving down a highway one night and on this particular night, other drivers were being so adamant in dimming their lights as they approached.
His brother, quite irritated, stated that he wasn’t also going to dim his lights when other cars approached and they’ll all crash and die for all he cared but Dr King was only too quick to advise him otherwise.

You see brethren, we ought to have the sense to dim our lights when others are so hell bent on not dimming theirs, we ought to humble ourselves when others only stubbornly want to lord themselves over us because otherwise, returning hate for hate begets more hate and fire for fire will only intensify the conflagration!

Fam, there’s no two ways about it, an eye for an eye will truly make the whole world blind. Let’s learn from today to PRAY for and LOVE those that PERSECUTE us…to…to BLESS them and not CURSE them and you know what?… We might finally get to prove ourselves as children of the Great Father above! Can I get an Amen?๐Ÿ˜‰

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