Toli Number 1

Ps: The following story is rated PG 18… Abeiku sat on the bed eagerly waiting for Akorfa to emerge from the closet. "Today be today! " he whispered to himself excitedly. The pressure he'd applied had worked like a possessed priest's magic. He had waited long_too long for this dalliance to happen. Akorfa had been … Continue reading Toli Number 1


Far be it from me to really tackle this question of "facing your truth". Last night I heard you, on your late show, talking about who people actually thought they were fooling when they raised walls of their lies and put on varying veneers of vanity. I was too drowsy to respond or react then … Continue reading Tapestry

on harmattan, tonsillitis and being single

Ursy Rants


Dear John,

It’s been a while since I saw you. I had exams and then after those, I went home for the holidays. I don’t much care for the festivities. I went because the end of the year is for family, and despite their many flaws and little irritating habits, family is everything.

How did the holidays treat you? I hope you had fun with your family. I hope you felt warmth and love. Me, I did. Loads and loads of it. And then after the New Year, my friends made me feel special. Not collectively, no, but each in their own individual way.

I’m back in school now. We have not reopened no. I’m here out of choice. I’m trying to get ahead on my dissertation before the stress of the semester begins. I’m having a hard time of it though. It’s not the work itself, no. It’s…

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