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eno korantema

This piece is dedicated to all relationships that have had to die premature deaths on the grounds of religion, tribe, and race. Hopefully, we will get to the point where these things will not be the only yardstick but many other factors will be taken into consideration

Happy Birthday to my bestie, Afua!! I love you😘 God bless you and keep you.

To the many amazing April borns I have the privilege of sharing this amazing month with, you are all awesome.

I hope you like this piece 🙈. Keep you likes and comments coming, they mean a lot to me🥰

Seyram loved him dearly, she loved to be in his presence and hear his voice. He had that kind of rich baritone voice with the perfect depth of deepness that was music to the ears. His diction was correct, very articulate with good mastery over the Queen’s language. He…

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