Ps: The following story is rated PG 18…

Abeiku sat on the bed eagerly waiting for Akorfa to emerge from the closet. “Today be today! ” he whispered to himself excitedly. The pressure he’d applied had worked like a possessed priest’s magic.

He had waited long_too long for this dalliance to happen. Akorfa had been a bit of a ‘Challenge ‘ but 22 dates and countless love messages on WhatsApp later, here they were. “Are you ready?” she said. “I’m coming out now. “
Akorfa stood her 5 feet 3 inch height on some red stiletto heels. Her burgundy black hair had been tied in a ponytail just like Abeiku liked . The lingerie he had bought for her from demolition fit her body like a greek goddess. “Take em off!” she ordered Abeiku. Her sweet intoxicating voice working like magic on him relieved him of his clothes and briefs in the blink of an eye.

She danced slowly and sensually to where Abeiku sat on the bed, the lingerie outlined her body in efficient tightness. A few strands of her hair covered a part of her face. Her nipples stood in erect attention with Abeiku’s male member except when they would swish and tumble a bit when she’d shake her body this way and that as she did her little dance.

The very first kiss set him on cloud nine. It was deeply passionate. Abeiku understood why the French chose to kiss like that. She laid on top of him and let his lips trail her neckline. He bit tenderly and she moaned in sweet response. She hadn’t known when the bra had come off but they had and her boobs run wild across Abeiku’s face. He felt them, touched them and massaged them all in rapid succession. Abeiku was hitting all the right spots.
In a swift motion, he had turned her on her back. The vase on the bedside table had fallen on the floor, smashing it to smithereens but who cared?

His lips were at her stomach now, he kissed and munched tenderly. Her body jerked as impassioned moans escaped her mouth. They were louder now and she held her mouth in a frail attempt to keep them imprisoned. “Ab… ei… Kuu, ” she simpered. “N-o-w.”

He held her thighs up in a tight embrace and pulled her closer to him but then his mother’s head appeared out of nowhere and screamed, “herh! Nti wahw3 Nyame anim ada saa wo ns)re m3sen nk) campus s3 w)b3twer3 exams no agya wo! “
“So you’ve forgotten yourself and have slept in on such an important examination day as today? Won’t you hurry up and leave for campus lest they start the exams without you? ” his mother meant.

His eyes opened finally to reality. His overbearing mother stood over him with a bucket full of water. *”Adwen b)ne nti s3 wahu nea wo bed no so ay3?” she declared before the water came splashing him more awake.

*Have you seen the mess you’ve made on your bed because of the weird workings of your mind ?

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Vanity Card #5

A few years ago, I met an incredibly amazing human called Theresah Agyapong. She’d been a keen follower of my writing you see. She contacted me on IG( I think) to ask why I hadn’t been posting anything lately and that had I quit, finally given writing up?

I told her I hadn’t but was just taking a little break. Right from the onset , I could tell we would be good friends so I gave her my WhatsApp number and we took the show there . It was during one of our convos that she challenged me to write something of the “sensual” genre. I did try but my “comic” brain cooked up the twist in the end. It made her laugh so hard and the rest they say… is H-I-S-T-O-R-Y. Moral: don’t ever quit what you’re doing , especially if it ain’t immoral or just plainly weird. You never know who looks forward to what you do. Ps: Tessa, I learned a sentence in a foreign language today and I’d like to say it to you: “voetsek, wena”❤️