The night was quiet and the disquiet between them even more so. The moon’s borrowed light trickled down from above and reflected off the petals of the hibiscus flowers around them.

He could see her face clearly now. How beautiful! “Hmm,” his throat quaked upwards. His mouth shaped to say something but he stopped midway as if he had had his decision to talk abrogated by an invisible council in his head. “So you won’t talk Akwasi?” She got up from the seat and turned around to leave. “It’s true what they say that you ain’t got no game,” she giggled and departed posthaste. She didn’t know deep down, he had fought a losing battle to overcome his anxiety. He clenched his breast pocket …in a desperate search for the paper he had written his confession of love as Kukuaa’s silhouette got swallowed by the night.

“You are the finest,loveliest,tenderest and most beautiful person I have ever known…but even that is an understatement”The parchment read.

He was on the phone now and on a conference call with the “boys”. They were laughing hysterically at him for his bari-ma-less-ness. But who could blame him? Not all mouths were made to play music.

Vanity card #3

So many things that come easy to some folks can be a headache for others. I know this from experience because I suffer from a mild form of social anxiety you see. I live in constant fear of the day I have to muster up the courage to tell someone’s daughter that I like her…to deliberately make myself that vulnerable?(even just the thought makes my palms sweat de rigueur!😂) The good news however is that I know that I’m not alone in this boat. So for all of us out there whose mouths find it hard to play music, here’s a little practice for that crucial moment: write the name of that special someone in the comments below. It’ll be cathartic af very much! Here’s my confession for a start: I Mikael have a huge crush on a girl called Ama!( Man that felt good!) Your turn no?🤸

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