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“For what shall we say in response to these things? If God be for us, who can stand against us? “
Romans 8:31

Something suddenly snapped within her. Like literally. Something snapped. It was almost as if she had had it coming and just like that it had happened.
Staring into nothingness, she couldn’t help but wonder why. She had come to the beachside to calm her nerves but even the silence on that night wasn’t so quiet. The tranquility she earnestly sought for wasn’t readily available to her and it crushed her spirit even more.

It was getting harder to breathe and with each passing moment,she felt like giving in to this behemoth force that seemed to be crushing the very life out of her.
The tears that she had held back for so long suddenly just came gushing out like a flood and she didn’t fight them back.

Lord knows she tried so hard…she had done her very best…she had done all that she knew to…and it had only led her to this…this very moment.
She sunk to her knees and felt the coarse sand caress them ever so gently. Even they seemed against her. She bent down and washed her face in the salty water that washed up to her face. The saltiness kissed her lips and strange enough she loved the taste. Almost like how her life seemed now.Salty. Ironic, wasn’t it?

ย She let out an exasperated sigh. It had been a long day and she had been trying to figure it out but…look where that had led her…She thought back…

A few weeks ago…

Jeremie plastered on her confident smile. The one she saved for such moments. She walked into the office where her friends were having an animated conversation about their new boss. She didn’t want to give anything away as to what had just transpired between her and him so she just did what she had learnt to do best; pretend everything was alright.

A sudden hush fell on the group immediately she walked in andย  Jeremie knew without any doubt, she had to be the center of the discussion but she didn’t act it. This had been going on for sometime and she knew it was due to the sudden unwarranted attention their new boss had been giving her since his appointment.

Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she hated the attention as much as much as she had grown to dislike the man’s appalling attitude. He had made several advances at her since the very day he had set foot in the office and had orchestrated every move of his to make it look like he and Jeremie had an intense office romance going on.

The past few weeks frustrated her so much and she was even surprised she hadn’t yet broken under the pressure.
She said her pleasanteries and walked briskly to her cubicle. Immediately she settled down she could hear the faint murmurs and whispers as well as the hushed giggles from her colleagues that had become a part of her daily routine now. She sighed.

‘Father get me through today…’ she whispered silently.

Jeremie really wasn’t the ‘Crazy for Christ’ kind of person, well not anymore, and that had been going on so well for her until recently when circumstances had began to make her feel an emptiness that nothing and no one could mitigate.

ย There was this longing, a deeper yearning of some sort…and she was honestly lost as to how to find herself. Of late she had began to ask herself lots and lots of questions and sought for answers; many of which she couldn’t even find. Now it looked like only the God who turned his back on her some ten years ago could help her? Or had she been the one who’d turned her back instead?

ย She shuddered at the memory that suddenly stole it’s way into her mind and she pushed it back to the recesses of her mind where they rightly belonged.

She slowly got out of her car and walked to open the front door of her plush apartment. She threw her keys in the couch and slumped heavily into them whilst letting out an exasperated sigh…

‘I don’t know what You’re doing or what You’re trying to teach me in all this but whatever your plan…let this all work out…’, Jeremie whispered into space.ย 

Of late she found herself talking to a God she’d stopped believing in, more and more often, and she didn’t know what was happening to her but one thing she knew for sure was that, she was being drawn back to her first love…and it scared her…but she’d however realized just how much she began to say these little prayers without effort of late. And just how much they brought her calm…but then again that fear was still intact.

And then a verse she remembered from ten years ago slipped into her heart…. ‘What then shall we say in response to these things…’
‘Jamie, if I be for you who can be against you? What then shall you say in response to these things?’
She opened her eyes to be sure she was alone. She was. No she wasn’t. She could feel a presence…

‘God was that you?’

The silence that greeted her was deafening.
The shrill ring of her phone broke the silence…

‘Jeremie Perez here…’

Miss Jamie, I’m afraid you’d have to pass by the hospital immediately.’

Jamie dropped the phone. She knew instantly the inevitable had happened.

Jonathan must have sensed it because he pulled Jamie into his arms, wrapping her tight against his chest.

‘I’m walking through this with you, Jeremie,’ he spoke into her hair.
‘No matter what happens, no matter how long this takes I’ll be right beside you. And so will God.’

She nodded as her body racked with sobs. She rested her head against his shoulder and the words he uttered gave her the courage she needed to get through this.
After arriving at the hospital and receiving the news that her daughter, Annette had just passed, her whole world came crushing before her eyes.

ย She had called the only person who came to mind and that had been Jonathan.
Immediately he arrived, he realized what had happened and had just engulfed her in an embrace. And in that moment it was all she needed.

‘God why now? Why this?’ Jeremie wondered in the deep recesses of her soul.

ย And then that verse again.

‘What will you do in response to all these things? Would you believe that I am for you?’

And then Jeremie sobbed even harder. She was emotionally and physically exhausted.
Jonathan held onto her like her life depended on it and slowly as the sobs died down, she looked up at him.

Thank you, Jonathan…’ she mumbled.
She smiled a lazy smile at him and passed out right in his arms…

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